12 things I am loving.

1. color boost photo editing
2. gummy bears
3. lil wayne
4. reusable grocery bags
5. canvas flats
6. high waisted skirts
7. pendant necklaces
8. gladiator sandals
9. vintage boys tees
10. its never too warm for a cardigan
11. boys in work boots
12. diet coke



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do you see thursday afternoon?

dress h+m.belt thrifted. navy+white dr martens thrifted.

new heels forever21.

went out, got some new comic books, Laika v.1 and dororo v.1. then i had some french fries. now im packing!

xoxo tesskatherine.


do you see wednesday afternoon?

went out with claudia again. had fun but came home too late and got in trouble. went to the movies tonight with my mum, we brought Chinese food and ate it in the theater. good fun. i finally fixed my camera tonight. im pleased. keep reading, three days till europe!

xoxo tess.

do you see the genius?


xoxo tess.