do you see thursday afternoon?

dress h+m.belt thrifted. navy+white dr martens thrifted.

new heels forever21.

went out, got some new comic books, Laika v.1 and dororo v.1. then i had some french fries. now im packing!

xoxo tesskatherine.


do you see wednesday afternoon?

went out with claudia again. had fun but came home too late and got in trouble. went to the movies tonight with my mum, we brought Chinese food and ate it in the theater. good fun. i finally fixed my camera tonight. im pleased. keep reading, three days till europe!

xoxo tess.

do you see the genius?


xoxo tess.


do you see tuesday morning?

xoxo tess.

do you see more purchases?

both from a local flea market. went this morning. cold but i still had a good time. im loving the wolf t-shirt. in other news i got a lookbook. now im off with shanna, she needs moral support for her hair cut.

xoxo tess.

do you see how sunny it is today?

im going to be needing one of these. talk about "old school." i think ill get one and force the general public to listen to fueled by ramen with me. it will be an adventure.

have a great day!
xoxo tess.


do you see my purchases?

so, here are my thrifty purchases of the day. one of my most successful trips. i got two pairs of dr. martens for three dollars each. it was beautiful. i love love love the navy and white ones. i had to put away the black and pull out some navy to wear them tonight. anyway here is my very first purchase blog. all are from two thrift stores, except the cheetah skirt, which was a friends and i altered it so it is a mini, the necklace and the glasses are girlprops.com and the hair clips are from a dollar store. im very pleased. hope you enjoy them as well. went to dinner with shanna tonight, had a good time, we complained about prom. flea market with claudia tomorrow, i need a new bag. wish me luck!

xoxo tess
if the world is ending...im throwing the party.

do you see how necessary these are?

you know me, i like being all alone and keeping you all alone. your kids are snoring, you say you’re not listening and i said i’m wishing..
and i said .. i Saaaaid!!
-you have to love pete. no really, you have to.



do you see how pathetic i am?

i dont think you are supposed to feel this lonely at 17. i feel pathetic and annoying to say it, but i honestly feel just, alone. i cant write about how wonderful "he" was, how i miss "his" smile or wish "he" still loved me. Ive never been in love, ive never had that guy everyone talks about when theyre lonely. i dont have someone who i love but doesnt know i exist. i dont have anyone. so, usually i try and think about the fact that im on 17, high school isnt everything and there Will be a life full of heart ache and heartbreak ahead of me; that doesnt always work though. for example, the loathsome event we call prom. or as my friend zoe said it, "what is prom? I think it is the time and place where life can just take a big shit on you." its true, unless you have a high school sweet heart or the perfect guy who asks you, youre fucked. the night is going to suck and that impending doom makes romantic comedies and heartbroken love songs even more painful. so, i need a boy. i dont need a boy who is head over heels and writes all his songs about me. i just need a prom date, and maybe someone who will call me just to say hi once in a while. im sorry for my rant but its what i was thinking about. i promise ill stop boring you with my life and start posting clothes soon. 10 days until europe!

xoxo tess.

p.s. i dont think listening to "into your arms" -the maine, is helping. but great song.


do you see how long february was?

welcome to march. february was wretched but thats to be expected. i feel some obligation to write more that 15 words per post on this so called "blog" so here goes... february was filled with cold mornings, dark afternoons, and long nights but that is all behind us now. ive started march with a new layout, thoughts? regardless of long nights and bad weather nothing could bring me down. ill start the month with two days of school, a lousy two finals and then a week off. im sure i will spend the week sleeping, trying not to eat out of boredom and wasting way too much time on polyvore. nonetheless a good ol' boring week at home is nice in the winter. as if a week wasnt enough i will then spend the last two weeks of march in europe. so, as i said nothing could bring me down this month. so there is an outline of my march plans, i dont want to say anymore because dont we all love surprises? im really trying this time to keep this blog updated. so, this month will be full of fabulous pictures and every girl's dreams.

xoxo tess.

do you see where i got this from? i hope not.

you can't save a damsel if she likes her distress.